Information for the RR725 GMRS Repeater in North Austin, Texas

Currently the Round Rock 725 (RR725) repeater system is a Simplex Parrot Repeater (save and repeat) on 462.7250MHz (CH 22, in the GMRS radio band.)

The hardware currently consists of:

  • Surecom SR-112 Repeater controller
  • Baofeng UV-9G GMRS 5 watt handheld radio
  • Abree 42″ UHF Antenna
The repeater is set to announce the callsign every 15 minutes in CW (Morse Code)


If you would like to sponsor the Round Rock 725 Repeater to help it grow we appreciate anything from gear to donations to procure new gear to increase the range and reliability for the surrounding users of GMRS in the North Austin area. Please feel free to reach out to us via our contact or emailing [email protected]