Wed. Feb 21st, 2024

I wanted to give a shootout to the great guys and gals over at the San Antonio Digital Radio Club. I found them while first getting into digital HAM radio modes and I decided to try Yaesu System Fusion first due to the simplicity of getting online. I found a local repeater, keyed it in and started hearing all the voices on the radio from all over Texas and other parts of the country all linked in this digital room. Of ‘course that really got me all interested so I decided to throw my call out one day and met a great guy on the other end and low and behold it was his repeater. He was so generous and kind and answered my questions and welcomed me on any time and encouraged me to learn and ask questions. Well I recently was able to meet them at the Belton Hamfest this year and again the nicest group you could ever meet. Really welcoming. If you are in the San Antonio or Austin area and have a Fusion radio check out one of the repeaters above or SADRC on the Pi-Star. Thanks to N8IQT and K5UUT for all you do!!!!!

SADRC Website:
SADRC Facebook Group:

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