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FRS and GMRS Radio Service

What is FRS and GMRS? GMRS stands for General Mobile Radio Service and is a licensed radio service in the United States and governed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). GMRS has 22 channels that are shared with Family Radio Service (FRS) but allow for higher power output.

FRS/GMRS Frequency and Power Chart:

ChannelFrequency (MHz)Max Permitted Power – FRSMax Permitted Power –¬†GMRS
1462.56252 Watts5 Watts
2462.58752 Watts5 Watts
3462.61252 Watts5 Watts
4462.63752 Watts5 Watts
5462.66252 Watts5 Watts
6462.68752 Watts5 Watts
7462.71252 Watts5 Watts
8467.5625.5 Watts.5 Watts
9467.5875.5 Watts.5 Watts
10467.6125.5 Watts.5 Watts
11467.6375.5 Watts.5 Watts
12467.6625.5 Watts.5 Watts
13467.6875.5 Watts.5 Watts
14467.7125.5 Watts.5 Watts
15462.55002 Watts50 Watts
16462.57502 Watts50 Watts
17462.60002 Watts50 Watts
18462.62502 Watts50 Watts
19462.65002 Watts50 Watts
20462.67502 Watts50 Watts
21462.70002 Watts50 Watts
22462.72502 Watts50 Watts
15-Repeater462.5500/467.5500Restricted50 Watts
16-Repeater462.5750/467.5750Restricted50 Watts
17-Repeater462.6000/467.6000Restricted50 Watts
18-Repeater462.6250/467.6250Restricted50 Watts
19-Repeater462.6500/467.6500Restricted50 Watts
20-Repeater462.6750/467.6750Restricted50 Watts
21-Repeater462.7000/467.7000Restricted50 Watts
22-Repeater462.7250/467.7250Restricted50 Watts

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